Pros And Cons of Selling Feet Pics (2024)

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“Step into 2023 with confidence know the pros and cons of selling feet pics, revealing the financial opportunities and potential challenges of this unique online business.”

Welcome millionaires to Shark Money. If you are curious about selling feet pics but not sure if it’s a good idea in 2023? Well, you are at the right place and you are not alone. I am Justin and i have interviewed big sellers of this industry. I’ll be sharing their experience. I’ll be providing all the information from the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff when it comes to this unusual online job. I’ll share some thoughts on, pros and cons of selling feet pics, how it can help you make money, enjoy more flexibility, and also point out a few things to watch out for. whether you’re thinking of trying this out as a part-time thing or going all-in, lets go!

Pros of Selling Feet Pics

Selling pictures of your feet can actually have quite a few benefits. It’s something that might interest you if you’re thinking about making some extra money or trying out a different kind of online business. Let’s take a look at some of the pros you can expect from it!
We’ve made a list of some pros following:

  • Good income opportunities
  • You Are the Boss
  • Easiest way of making money
  • Privacy Control
  • Low Entry Barrier
  • Creativity

1. Good Income Opportunities

Selling pictures of your feet can actually be a pretty good way to earn some extra money. It might even turn into a decent side hustle! Yep, you read that right. You can tap into this unique demand to boost your income. There are websites and platforms like Feetfinder and Funwithfeet where you can work safely. Interested buyers then purchase your foot pics, and you get paid. Sellers on these platforms have reported they are making $10k to $20k per month by selling feet pics and feet videos.

2. You are the boss

Working as feet content seller makes you in charge of your business. You get to choose how much you want to charge for your pictures, decide when and how you want to work, and it’s almost like you’re the boss of your own business. You’re the one calling the shots. You decide if you want to work with a buyer or you can block the buyer. You can upload the pics at any time there are no rules in this business.

3. Easiest way of making money

Selling feet pics is the easiest online business ever. You don’t have to worry about accounts, finance, and investment for starting this business. Working only half an hour in a day is enough. Take feet pics with different poses, it’ll take couple of minutes.
Register on a worthy platform. Making an account on feetfinder will just take 5 minutes and you can start selling.

People are willing to pay $200 to $700 for custom feet pics request depending on how much followers you have. The more followers you have the more you can charge.

4. Privacy Control

You can sell feet pics without showing your face and without showing your personal info. You can keep a strong hold on your privacy in this foot-pic-selling world. That means you can chat with people who want to buy your pics without telling them your personal stuff. Your personal stuff stays personal.

5. Low Entry Barrier

You don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of cash to get started. you don’t have to go out and buy any special equipment or tools like special cameras or lighting for photography of your feet. You can get started with just what you’ve got! You can take photos with your mobile in a good day light and that’s it. Feet pics is a low entry barrier online business.

6. Creativity

Selling feet pics can be a form of artistic expression. You have the freedom to experiment with different styles, poses, and themes, making it an enjoyable creative outlet.

Cons of Selling Feet Pics

Well, there so many cons of selling feet pics but there are a few of them. We have made a list some cons you should know before selling feet pics as follows:

  • Chargebacks
  • Scams
  • Marketing Challenges

1. Chargebacks

Some buyers are gonna scam you with chargebacks. They are gonna pay for the content and after watching your content then they will chargeback all the money and this will be bad for your payment processor. Every payment processor charges you a small fee for the chargeback. Dealing with chargebacks can be frustrating. Some buyers may dispute the charges for the pictures they’ve purchased, leading to a loss of income for sellers.

2. Scams

In this market there are some tricky situations, and selling feet pics isn’t an exception. Imagine you’re all excited to sell your feet pics, and someone messages you, saying they want to buy. But be cautious! Not everyone is honest. Some folks may try to trick you or do harmful things.

3. Marketing Challenges

Successfully selling feet pics often requires effective marketing. This can be challenging for those who are new to online entrepreneurship and may require time and effort to establish a presence and gain followers.


Selling feet pictures in 2023 comes with both its pros and cons. there’s the potential for some decent earnings and the freedom to be your own boss, which sounds pretty cool. But, like anything, there’s a flip side. There are some challenges to be aware of, like dealing with chargebacks (which are like refunds) and the possibility of scams. There you have it all the pros and cons of selling feet pics in 2023.

In the end, whether or not you want to give this a shot depends on your money goals, how much you like being in charge, and how good you are at protecting yourself online. But don’t worry, with the right approach and knowing what you’re getting into, you can navigate the world of selling feet pics and hopefully do it pretty successfully! It’s like any other business – it has its ups and downs, but you can make it work if you’re smart about it.

We have made full in-depth guide and we have covered every topic related to feet pics.

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