Surfer Seo Ultimate Review (2024) is it the Best Option?

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“Surfer SEO: Ride the Waves of SEO Success with Data-Driven On-Page Optimization!”

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In this comprehensive blog review of SURFER SEO, we’ll review its powerful tools and features that help your website in search engine rankings.

On-page optimization to off-page link-building, Surfer SEO got you covered.

In this review, we’ll touch everything you need to know about surfer seo, It’s pricing, key features, and comparison with other alternative SEO tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.

Surfer seo review, pricing, alternatives, on-page seo & off-page seo tools

From here we’ll divide this surfer review in to two sections, a short version and detailed version.

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer seo is an search engine optimization tool. It helps you to optimize your on-page and off-page seo of your website. website home page screenshot

Surfer provides the data insights of the first four-to-five websites in the search engine result related with your targeted keyword and recommend you those keywords and backlinks that are missing in your website to adjust your content.

Surfer Seo helps you to align your website pages with search engine algorithms. With Surfer SEO, you can take your website to new heights.

Surfer seo all your queries

Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal 2023

On this Black Friday, November 24, 2023, Surfer SEO is offering a flat 30% discount on all of its subscription plans.

This deal or sale will be from 24 November to 29 November. You will get a 10% discount on Surfer SEO monthly plans and a 47% discount on yearly plans.

How to optimize on-page seo with Surfer Seo?

Optimizing your on-page SEO is easy with Surfer. You have to copy and paste your written content into the content editor tool, It will analyze your content and compares your content with the top-ranking pages for a given keyword. website home page screenshot about 'write and optimize content in any language'

The tool will provide you with suggestions to optimize your content, now you know the ideal keyword count, relevant keywords, and how to structure your content.

If you optimize your content with Surfer SEO suggestions, you’ll easily rank your content.

Is Surfer SEO offering Lifetime Deal?

Surfer seo sometimes offers limited-time lifetime deals. You can save a lot of money by paying for once in the lifetime with this Surfer lifetime deal.

You have to Keep your eyes open for this amazing offer. You can get access to Surfer SEO’s premium features with this lifetime deal.

Is Surfer seo really worth it?

Yes, Surfer SEO is worth it if you are looking for a tool that can help you rank your pages in Google SERP then this tool can be very handy and useful for SEO experts.

How to increase SEO Surfer score?

You can increase your surfer seo score by adding more keywords that surfer is suggesting you.

surfer seo reviews 2023

Honestly, The AI tool Surfer has good reviews among everyone of it’s users. You can checkout their reviews on Trustpilot. They have a 3.7 star rating on trustpilot.

Surfer SEO Alternatives

Surfer SEO is the perfect fit for some people, but some people might prefer other SEO tools.

We’ve made a list of our reviewed and ranked best Surfer alternatives and competitors for your online business.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Semrush
  3. Frase seo
  4. MarketMuse
  5. SimilarContent
  6. WriterZen
  7. Clearscope
  8. Page Optimizer Pro

Surfer SEO Free Alternative

As far as I can tell, right now there is no free search engine optimization tool available in the market.

But I can say with time there are going be more competitors, then it might be possible to have a free seo tool or free Surfer seo alternative.

Surfer Seo vs. Ahrefs

Ahrefs and Surfer SEO offer very accurate and plenty of SEO tools to help you rank your website in the search engine result. Both tools are excellent for optimizing on-page and off-page SEO. website site explorer tool page screenshot

When you’re using ahrefs you have to do things manually with no suggestions. If you are using Surfer, optimizing on-page SEO is easy.

With the help of Surfer suggestions, you know what to do. Surfer makes SEO much easier for you if you are not a professional. Whereas, I would say ahrefs is the best tool for finding keywords with low difficulty so you can easily rank.

Surfer SEO vs. Semrush

Surfer seo and Semrush are excellent search engine optimization tools. Both of them focuses on different things, but the main focus is the same, making your website pages more visible in search engine results. website homepage screenshot

Semrush is more of a competitor of ahrefs. If you are doing keyword research then Semrush is the best option for you. If you are doing on-page seo then Surfer is the best option for your website.

Bottom line, Surfer seo and Semrush are both good search engine optimization tools with their own pros and cons. I don’t think there is a comparison between these tools.

Surfer SEO vs Yoast

To be completely frank, there is no comparison between Yoast seo and Surfer seo. Surfer seo helps you improve the seo score by providing you the keywords to include in your blog.

Surfer helps you by providing the list of backlinks that your competitor have on their ranking page.

Yoast does not have these features. Yoast helps you with other things like sitemap, schema data and readability score.

Surfer seo vs Jasper

The way I see it, Surfer seo vs Jasper there is no near a comparison between both of them. Jasper is an AI tool that helps you write an article for you by providing all the keywords.

Whereas, surfer seo helps you to rank your pages with the help of keywords and backlinks.

Surfer SEO Extension

If you have the subscription of surfer then you can also use their extension for more easier working.

Surfer seo Chrome Extension

Now, Surfer SEO extension is available on chrome you can download it for free. Login to your surfer account and enjoy the AI services everywhere.

Can you use surfer seo in Google Docs?

Yes, you can use surfer seo in Google Docs thanks to their Chrome extension. Now you don’t have to first write and then improve the seo score in Surfer. Now, you can do it while writing and improving the seo score of your article.

My Final thoughts about surfer seo

If you are a beginner or an experienced website owner, Surfer is the right SEO tool for your online business.

The only major con or the thing most of its users dislike is Surfer seo pricing plans. The Pricing plan of the Surfer seo is too high for most of its users.

Surfer pricing was justifiable if the company was not asking for more money for credits. Yeah, people you have to pay for a monthly plan, then you have to pay more to buy enough credits to work.

If Surfer can lower its pricing to $20 or $30. I would say it’s the best SEO tool for your website. But in this case, many other SEO tools offer the same features like Surfer seo. You can try them.


What is a Surfer SEO?

Surfer seo is a modern on-page and off-page SEO tool that provides you suggestions based upon gathered data from websites that are ranking for the targeted keyword to optimize your website content for higher search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

Is Surfer SEO legit?

Yes, Surfer seo is a legitimate and reputable on-page SEO tool.

Can I use Surfer SEO for free?

No, you can not use the Surfer seo tool for free. It’s a paid tool for on-page and off-page SEO.

Is Surfer SEO an AI tool?

Yes, Surfer seo is an Artificial intelligence-based search engine optimization tool.

Yes, Surfer SEO is a paid tool.

Yes, Surfer SEO is a paid tool.

Can Surfer SEO be used for backlink analysis?

No, Surfer seo doesn’t have this feature of backlink analysis. But with the help of its audit tool, it can provide you with specific backlinks that your competitor has.

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