How To Start & Open A Restaurant Business In UK

Welcome entrepreneurs to the world of food business. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of starting a restaurant business in the UK. Providing valuable insights and practical tips to help you turn your dream into a reality. From navigating legal requirements to securing funding and creating a unique dining concept, we’ll cover all the essential steps. So, grab your chef’s hat and let’s embark on this culinary journey together!

Chefs Dream

It’s a dream of every chef to run his own restaurant. Where he can work with the ease of mind. He can make new dishes with his own little touch and presentation.

Keep in mind some of the major issues of this field. The Taxes are high just like VAT is 12.5% and many other factors.

We’ll cover everything in this article from Startup cost, marketing expenses, market research, branding your restaurant, food regulations, Location, Food license to menu.

Steps for starting a restaurant business in the UK

Step by step guide

  1. Market research
  2. Restaurant Startup cost
  3. Restaurant Accounting
  4. Restaurant payment methods
  5. Register Your Restaurant Business
  6. Marketing
  7. Restaurant website
  8. Restaurant finance
  9. Restaurant menu
  10. Supplier
  11. Restaurant furniture
  12. Presentation
  13. Kitchen Electronics
  14. Restaurant interior
  15. Hire and Train Restaurant Staff
  16. Conclusion

1. Restaurant Market research

  • Restaurant Type
  • Cuisine
  • Restaurant Name
  • Location
  • Competition

Restaurant Type

Choosing a restaurant type is a very crucial part of your market research. You have to choose that you want to run a

  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Fine Dine
  • Café
  • Casual Dining
  • Buffet 
  • Barbeque Restaurant 
  • Steak House


Selecting a type of cuisine is a very important factor of your market research for starting a restaurant in UK. It mostly depends on location and the community. It’s like selling pork dishes in the Jewish community. Or selling beef in the Indian community.

Restaurant Name

Naming your restaurant is a main factor of market research. Name your restaurant with the keyword strategy. Let me give you folks an example if your specialty is chicken or fried chicken. You can name your restaurant Dave’s fried chicken. Try with easy to read and easy to remember names. 

Remember don’t name your restaurant with the city name. It  limits you to one city. E.g. London’s chicken.


Try choosing an ideal location for your restaurant where it has a lot of footfall. Analyze the location and the nearby community. Don’t open Chinese restaurants in the Indian Community. Your Indian customers will try it for once but they’ll prefer their desi food. Because in the long run it’s a flop idea.


Researching your competitor is the best way to learn from their failure or what they are missing. This can be your strong point. Try looking at their specialty and what people like the most about them. I would highly recommend you reading this book the Blue Ocean Strategy.

“Blue ocean strategy allows companies to set the rules of the game”

2. How much does it cost to open a restaurant in the uk-Restaurant Startup cost

It is really difficult to give you the accurate amount for startup cost. Because it depends on your location, city and many other factors. Just like major cities in the UK have more rents than smaller cities. Finding good quality dealers at cheap rates. Well it also depends on your restaurant type.

 It can cost you millions of pounds to open a fine dine restaurant in the center of London. The roundabout amount to open a restaurant at a normal location in the Uk is £200,000 to £300,000.

Restaurant Energy Bills

We all know that a restaurant takes a lot of electricity and gas to run. There are a lot of bulbs for lighting and too much equipment, your stoves etc. So that’s why getting a better deal from an energy company is a very crucial part.

3. Restaurant Accounting

Accounting is the most essential part of your restaurant. You need to know how much sales you are getting and after expenses. What are your profits? In a digital era nowadays it is much easier to handle accounts in your restaurant. You can use the top industry software’s to help you out. We’ll list the best software’s in the industry and with the best price options

4. Setup your restaurant payment methods

Most people are gonna pay the bill with their debit or credit card. So you need a POS machine ( a machine that we all have seen in our daily life. Tap your card on screen your payment is done) that helps you with collecting payments from your customers. You can also try some advance payment methods like

For a POS machine you need to have a merchant account. You can apply for a merchant account in any bank. The requirements for a merchant account are your registered business papers, tax returns and your bank statements. You can try

5. How to register Your Restaurant Business in the UK

Registering your restaurant business in the UK requires various legal requirements. You have to register your business with 

Companies to obtain licenses for alcohol service and food hygiene certifications. Taking care of these actions will give you a boost for your business. You need a UK health and safety laws certification.

6. Marketing

Marketing is one of the important factors to run your restaurant. It’s like if people don’t know your restaurant how they’ll reach you. You can use marketing platforms to help you reach more customers. You can run Google ads, Facebook ads or Instagram ads only in your city. Or you can reach out to bloggers with a great reach to list your name in their blog. People are constantly  searching daily on google about dining places. Try ranking for specific keywords. But for these methods you should have a website.

7. Restaurant website

Having a website makes it much easier for people to know more about you. You can make a professional website with

Web Platforms

Domain Platforms

For a website you’ll also need the same domain name with your restaurant. Our best picks are

Hosting Platforms

You’ll also need fast, secure, always online, with lowest rates, more services and 24/7 chat or call support web hosting for your restaurant website. Our best picks are

8. Restaurant finances

Manage all our finances the best way to boost your earnings. You have to know where your money is flowing. Know  your restaurant liabilities. Try improving them. Make a list of your expenses to easily track them.

  • Restaurant Property rent
  • Staff salaries
  • Marketing expense
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Daily grocery usage expense 
  • Tax
  • Profits
  • Energy expenses

9. Restaurant menu

These days you can have a digital menu just by scanning the QR code and every customer can look at the menu on their mobile phone. You should try the latest technology which enhances your customer experience. Make an easy to read menu. You can take help from

10. Restaurant Supplier

Choosing a good supplier is the foundation of a restaurant. On time deliveries and quality food is the responsibility of a good supplier. Customer health is the most important factor of your restaurant business. Before choosing a supplier you should consider all these things.

  • Registered Supplier by local authorities.
  • Recommendations from other restaurants.
  • Careful hygienic packing and transportation.
  • Quality product

Remember to check the expiry date on every product on the delivery time. Keep a record when the supplier delivered the food and how much it was. Health inspectors can visit you any time.

11. Restaurant furniture

Choose the restaurant furniture that matches with the theme of your restaurant. Tables, chairs or sofas.

12. Presentation

These days presentation is the key. Serving the food on a platter with an amazing way of presentation.

French Service

 People feel amazing with a good serving experience. When the waiter or server serves the food from the platter to the individual plate. Guests are served from the left side.

Table layouts

Making a table can make your guest experience more fantastic.

Napkin Presentation

Napkins presentations are very eye catchy. I highly suggest you use this presentation because it’ll enhance your guests’ experience. I’ll mention a few of them.

  • Lotus fold
  • Envelope fold
  • Shirt fold
  • Rose bud folding
  • Pinwheel folding
  • Silverware rollup napkin folding

13. Kitchen Electronics

Chef can work with ease of mind if the kitchen has all the electronic appliances. Such as

  • Big sized fridge and a Freezer
  • Conventional or non-conventional Oven and Microwave
  • A big deep fryer
  • Dishwasher and glasswasher
  • Blender
  • Beater
  • BBQ grill

14. Restaurant interior design-Creating an Ambience That Delights

Restaurant interior design is a very crucial part of your restaurant foundation. Having a great interior design can boost your customer experience.

Wall colors, artworks,  interior décor, lighting, furniture, and layout can enhance  your guest mood and experience. Create a memorable dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more. So I would highly suggest you take professional help from Duelle or Clutch.

15. How to Hire and Train Restaurant Staff

Behind every successful restaurant is a dedicated and skilled team. Who is handling every complication in the behind scenes. Building a motivated and knowledgeable team will ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer service.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this comprehensive guide on how to start a restaurant business in the UK. Remember, turning your culinary passion into a successful venture requires dedication, hard work, and a deep understanding of the industry. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the exciting yet challenging world of restaurant entrepreneurship. So, put on your chef’s hat, embrace the journey, and get ready to create memorable dining experiences that delight customers and leave them coming back for more!

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