9 Best Gap Insurance Providers For Your Car (2024)

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“Bridge the gap between your car’s value and your loan with our guide to the 9 best gap insurance providers for 2023 – drive confidently and protect your investment!”

Picture this: you’ve just driven your dream car off the lot, and you’re cruising down the road with a smile that could light up the city. But what happens if the unexpected occurs? Accidents or theft can happen with anyone and at anytime. It can decrease your car’s value, leaving you with a financial gap between what you owe to your auto loan or lease company and the actual value of your vehicle. That’s where gap insurance comes in as a superhero, they save your day and your wallet.

In our fast-running world, Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance has appeared as a shield against the ruthless realities of vehicle accidents. But what exactly is gap insurance, and how can you navigate the landscape of providers to secure the best coverage for your prized possession?

In this friendly blog, we’ll touch everything related to gap insurance and the 9 best gap insurance providers that can help you bridge that gap between your car value and how much of loan or lease is left and provide you peace of mind. Whether you’re a professional driver or a first-time car owner, whether you’ve never heard of gap insurance before or you’re already familiar with its merits. This blog post is your map to navigating the road of safeguarding your ride.

Understand what is Gap Insurance

Before we jump into the GAP insurance providers in the market, first let’s understand the concept of gap insurance, what is gap insurance and how it works and how it can be beneficial for you.

The full form of Gap insurance is Guaranteed Asset Protection. This insurance is like a safety net for your car’s value. It covers the auto loan or lease amount of your car that is left and the current market value of your vehicle. GAP insurance can be a lifesaver if your car is theft or stolen. It helps you from being stuck with a hefty loan balance for a car you no longer have. If you want to learn more about GAP insurance you can visit my full depth review.

List of Best GAP insurance providers for your car

  1. Nationwide
  2. USAA
  3. Progressive
  4. Allstate
  5. Geico
  6. Hartford
  7. State Farm
  8. Kemper
  9. Esurance

Top 3 GAP insurance companies

State Farm GAP Insurance

When it comes to choosing a Guaranteed asset protection insurance provider, trust and reliability is a must. State Farm is your good Neighbor for Gap Insurance. One of the well-known companies in the insurance provider industry. State Farm provides peace of mind to car owners through its GAP insurance.

State Farm offers you a fast GAP insurance claim process. When you’re in a stress situation, the only thing you don’t need is a long and complicated claim process. State Farm focuses on transparency and ease of use so you can get back on the road instead of navigating through the paperwork.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a gap insurance policy. If you’re trying to find a good partner for protecting your vehicle, State Farm insurance could be your perfect match.

Geico GAP Insurance

Well, whenever it comes to insurance providers, you possibly know Geico. They have that cute gecko in their ads if you are from the 90s you know it is pretty hard to forget. Geico is a famous and reliable insurance company. They offer something called gap insurance, which is like a safety net when unexpected things happen with your car. It can help you when your car is stolen and there is a lease gap to be filled.

Geico is good at making things easy for you. Their website is super easy to use, and finding information about gap insurance is simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable with technology or if you like things more classic way, it’s all okay. Geico has tools on its website that are easy to figure out. If you are looking for help with regarding your insurance, their smart and friendly agents can guide you through everything.

We all know very well that Geico takes good care of its customers. If something bad happens, like you have to ask for help from the company because of theft, Geico is good at making the process easy and giving you the support you need. This is good for you as a customer when things are tough. Geico works hard for you as a loyal customer that your are happy and don’t have a difficulty using their services. That is why Geico is a great choice if you’re thinking about getting gap insurance.

How to Find Your Gap Insurance Provider

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a bit exhausted by all the different insurance choices out there. Shark Money can help you choose the best GAP insurance provider. If you are looking for the right gap insurance for your vehicle, first it’s important to know where you’re starting from. Gap insurance can be found in many ways, and a good way to start is that you can check the insurance you have for your car.

If you already have car insurance, it’s better to check your policy papers or you can contact your insurance agent. Sometimes, the people who provide car insurance give you extra coverage called “Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance coverage.” This extra coverage might already be a part of what you have, but you might not know about it. Some insurance companies might want you to buy gap insurance on its own. The important thing is to know, what your current insurance policy covers. That’s your first big step!

If you got your vehicle from a car dealership, the person who helped you buy it might have talked about it. Usually, these dealerships give you the choice to get gap insurance when you buy the car. They might even work with certain insurance companies to give you this option. Choosing this option might seem simple to you, but it’s smart to take a little time and explore if there are other choices that could save you money.

Calculating the Cost of Gap Insurance

Now that we’ve looked into gap insurance companies, let’s talk about something really important that helps us decide – how much it costs. Just like with any other insurance, the price of gap insurance can be different depending on many things. It’s normally not as expensive as you think. This can help you out financially if your car got stolen.

Factors Influencing Gap Insurance Costs

  • Vehicle’s Make and Model
  • Loan or lease Length
  • Vehicle Depreciation Rate
  • Coverage Amount

Average Cost of Gap Insurance

Usually, gap insurance costs about $20 to $40 each month depending on your vehicle current market value. That’s not too much money, so most people who have a car can afford it. Imagine if something bad happens to your car like it gets stolen. Without GAP insurance, you might have to pay a lot of money. But if you have GAP insurance, you don’t have to worry about that. It’s like paying a little bit to feel much more relaxed.

Ways to Save on Gap Insurance

  • Bundle with Existing Coverage
  • Compare Providers
  • Choose the Right Deductible
  • Consider Your Vehicle’s Depreciation Rate

Bottom LIne Of GAP insurance companies

When you’re picking the best gap insurance company for your car, think about things like reviews, what they cover, how they help you, and how much it costs. The companies we’ve reviewed are all good in different ways, so take your time to see which one is the best fit for you. Having the right gap insurance means you can drive without worrying too much because your car and the money you put into it are safe from unexpected things


Does Geico offer gap insurance?

No, Geico is not offering GAP insurance currently.

How long does gap insurance last?

Gap insurance typically lasts for the duration of your auto loan or lease agreement. Once your loan is paid off or your lease term ends, you don’t have to pay it anymore.

Does gap insurance cover theft?

No, GAP insurance mainly covers left amount of lease or loan incase of theft.

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