12 Best Etsy Alternative Platforms for Print on Demand

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Choosing the right ecommerce marketplace is a very crucial step for your online business. It might look complex in the start but it’s a lot easier than you might think. From monthly traffic to flexible features and services the best Etsy alternative marketplace can help you achieve your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best handmade products ecommerce marketplace platforms, with my Top 4 choices you can pick the best site for your business.

Welcome millionaires to the world of Ecommerce ultimate comparison. Choosing the right ecommerce platform to showcase and sell your products is the major one of four pillars. Etsy is the most popular marketplace for handmade products. But because of it’s very tough competition makes it even harder for you to stand out and make money. In this blog post, We will list the 12 best Etsy alternative e-commerce marketplaces. So you can choose the best ecommerce marketplace for your business.

We have reviewed all of the ecommerce platforms listed here in depth on our website. You can visit Shark Money for more articles. In this blog, We will compare handmade product marketplaces with features, tools, competition, and many more.


Best etsy alternative ecommerce websites

Best Popular Etsy Alternative Ecommerce Platforms



With over 200k monthly traffic Folksy is the best option for beginners. Many sellers don’t know about folksy right now which means less competition makes it even easier for you to start your ecommerce online store. Folksy is a UK-based online marketplace that focuses on promoting and supporting handmade goods. Emphasizing craftsmanship and quality, Folksy provides a platform exclusively for artisans and designers. Folksy is a dedicated platform for Handmade Goods & Handmade crafts.
Folksy offers comprehensive tools and resources to help sellers succeed. It’s an appealing alternative to Etsy for those specifically targeting the UK market and the USA market.

It is free to join Folksy. There are no sign up costs and you get first 3 listings for free. They charge fees for listing items there are two ways to pay listing fees you can pay per listing or take a Folksy premium plan of unlimited listings.

Folksy Subscription Plans

folksy website pricing plan screenshot

Comparing Folksy subscription plan with etsy you’ll be amazed that folksy is much cheaper than Etsy.

Folksy & Etsy cost comparison

Fee+ VAT

Big cartel

Monthly traffic over 7.5M per month Big Cartel is one of the best Etsy alternative platform for your business. Bigcartel is ideal for Independent Artists and Creators. Big Cartel offers a simple and user friendly interface. You can easily set up your online store and showcase handmade products on this platform. Big cartel focuses on supporting emerging artists. While it may not have the same traffic as Etsy, Big Cartel offers a community-driven marketplace. BigCartel offers similar tools and features for your ecommerce online store that other handmade product marketplace offer. Most of bigcartel traffic is from USA, UK and Canada allows you to reach out more potential customers.

Bigcartel Subscription Plans

Big cartel website pricing plan screenshot

You can try these subscription plans on a free trial.


Spoonflower is a custom print on demand marketplace. It is a dedicated platform for designers and creators in the textile industry. SpoonFlower specializes in custom print-on-demand fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. If your business is related to textile products spoonflower is the best etsy alternative platform for you. It is an excellent platform for you to showcase your products and designs. Connect with customers looking for custom design fabric or home decor items. Spoonflower is a niche marketplace for sellers who are looking for a specific niche.
You can set up your spoonflower online store in no time. It is easy to create your ecommerce online store, loaded with tools and features.

With over 2.5M per month visitor. Most of spoonflower traffic is from United States of America and United Kingdom you can reach more international customers.


ECrater is a Free Marketplace with No Listing Fees. With over 1.3M per month visitors and a strong social media presence makes ecrater the best Etsy alternative and unique platform for sellers. Unlike every handmade marketplace charges listing fees ecrater is the best option without product listing fees. eCrater charges you 2.9% of every sale from marketplace. Marketplace cost only occur for buyers coming from the marketplace. The platform provides various customization options and allows you to sell a wide range of products. ECrater may not have the same level of brand recognition as Etsy, its affordability and simplicity make it a viable alternative to consider.


Storenvy is a community driven marketplace that focuses on independent brands and emerging designers or creators. You can showcase listings and sell handmade products on store envy. Create your ecommerce store and list 20 products for free. Customize your online store with plenty of tools and features. Storeenvy can be easily integrated with various print on demand platforms. Storenvy can be an attractive etsy alternative platform to establish a unique brand presence.
With over 1.5M monthly traffic majorly from USA makes it the best option for your business. Less competition, affordable pricing plan and better transactional fees storenvy is the best etsy alternative for your online business.

Storenvy pricing plans

storenvy website pricing plan screenshot


Etsy remains a popular choice for sellers in the handmade and unique products market. There are several alternative platforms that offer exciting opportunities for online businesses. Whether you’re looking for a global marketplace, a community driven platform, or a specific niche market, the options discussed in this blog post provide valuable alternatives to consider. Choose platform that aligns best with your business goals, target audience, and products. You can expand your presence beyond Etsy, you can diversify your customer base, boost sales, and take your online business to new heights.

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